The beginning of my horse story is as pure as my mothers love for the horse and reflecting that same love to me and my soul. Horses are soul creatures. They love like no one can explain and give until their hearts won’t pump another drop. They earn every ounce of their owners gratefulness through hard work and teaching us lessons we didn’t even know we needed to learn. Their body moves us both physically and figuratively.

Imagine your first bike ride and how free you felt when you pedal so hard the wind blew through your hair and your soul was set free to get where ever your legs, if not burning from pedaling so hard, could take you. That’s is a freedom no one can take from you. It’s the same for a motorcycle junkie getting their face in the wind on the first Spring ride or a water-skier getting up the first time the water is open for the year. These are the types of feelings you get when your soul feels happy and freedom is sweet away from all the stresses of your “reality.”

Follow along as I will dig deeper into the horse and my 30+ year journey with these majestic and sometimes infuriating creatures!